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I run chess classes where I help my students enhance their skills online

Are you eager to develop as chess player? I love working with kids and I believe that developing the intelectual potential of children from the earliest stage is the best thing you can do for them. I’ve been running chess classes since 2010, of which I’ve spent 3 years on working with children as teacher at school. By choosing my chess school, you place your bet on both my experience and my passion for modern technology.

How it works

Have you ever wondered what is it like to work with an online chess coach?

Well, I’ll be happy to shed some light on my job! Chess has been my greatest passion as far back as I can remember. I also appreciate working with kids, as there is nothing like seeing the progress they make after the initial weeks of our online chess lessons. All classes take place via Skype, where we use an interactive chessboard (f.e. chess.com) Take the bull by the horns and start your chess journey with me!

Enjoy your online chess classes with an interactive chessboard

In order to take full adventage of online chess lessons, one has ultize necessary tools. I use inteactive chessboards like chess.com, thanks to which I’m able to provide my students with online chess classes of the unmatched quality.

Chess lessons

We will communicate via Skype

I’m using the most popular online communicator to run my online chess lessons. All you need to do is add me to your list of contacts and click the green phone icon – with no personal data or other sensitive information required.


See why online chess classes are good for kids

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Help you develop your brain and memory

Mateusz Bobula

Teach logical thinking

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Kids learn how to foresee thoughts and moves of other people in various situations

chess coach for kids

Chess lessons teach creativity, consistency and persistence

chess classes for kids

I’ve been playing chess for over 20 years. In 2010, I was awarded the title of International Master

Chess is my great passion – one that I discovered at school when I was 6 years old. Here’s the list of feats I achieved:

  • The title of International Master (since 2010)
  • The member of a Polish National Junior Chess Team (2000 – 2010)
  • Silver medal at the National Team Chess Championship in Poland, Katowice (2010)
  • Gold medal at the European Youth Chess Team Championship (Szeged 2008)
  • Bronze medal at the School World Chess Championship (Porto Carras 2005)
  • "Did several lessons with Mat (over 10). I played at around a 1400 level on chess.com prior to Mat. Afterwards, I play at about a 1600 level. Mat improved my game in every way and prepared me for some OTB tournaments in my home town."

    Nevin, Canada

  • "I just finished a lesson with Mat, and it was enlightening, I learned a lot about my gameplay and where i need to improve in terms of chess. I definitely recommend mateusz to anyone who want to improve there chess!!!"

    Shah, USA

  • “Mateusz has been giving chess lessons to my son Staś for 8 months. Usually the lessons take place twice a week and Staś enjoys them a lot. In those 8 months, he has improved his Swiss Chess Federation rating by 80 points, his national U10 group standing (he is less than 9 years old) from the 25th to the 10th position and took the 4th place in the Swiss U8 Championship (he only lost the silver and bronze medal by auxilliary scoring). I recommend Mateusz as a chess trainer!”

    Michal, Swizerland

  • “Taking 2 lessons a week since 8 mths and got a much more profound understanding of all parts of the game. Mat is always well prepared and by analysing my games he is very much able to address exactly my weaknesses. His pedagogical and emphatic skills combined with his big experience are exactly what I was looking for. Enjoying every lesson with Mat. Without constraint: Highly recommended.“

    Lutz, Germany

  • “Mr. Bobula is an excellent chess couch! My son always looks forward to chess lessons with him. Mr. Bobula is very professional, knowledgeable and patient. He helps my son prepare for chess tournaments and excel at chess (his rating went up from 510 to 830 within 9 months). He analyzes his chess games with other players and advises him on best moves in the future, offers him a variety of chess combinations to solve and prepares interesting lessons. His positive encouragement incited my son to strive for excellence and love for the game. I highly recommend Mr. Bobula as a chess coach!“

    Iza, USA

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